Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Now,it has been 4 weeks my mother passed away...

Ak rse sedih sgt atas pemergian arwah..tp dlm mse yg same,ak bersyukur kerana mak ak tak perlu lagi menderita kerana penyakit yg dihidapinya iaitu KANSER USUS! walaupun ak terkilan sbb arwah xdpt tgk ak convocation 2014 nnt,but i'll try my best to show her my best! luckyly,she know that i've has been chosen to continue my study at UPSI in art. That was her hope to see me succeed in my life and help my litle brother and sister...

The last day that she was passed away,she seems like she know that she will "go'' soon..Cancer that she carried cannot be fight anymore because it has been spread to all her internal important organ such as lungs,heart,ovari and pankreas! Its was in stage 4!!i was very sad at that time,but i've pretend to be cool in front of my siblings and my relative..but actually,its very kill me inside!!

The day that she goes is at Hospital Besar Kuantan. before this,she had said to my auntie that she want to die at Kuantan. and now,her wish become true..hrmm..All i can do is just pray for my mother and hope she will be in Allah Bless..

All i want to say here is,I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!and i will fight this life for her and for my self!!



  1. takziah,,, xtahu pom psal nie,,
    tp apepom smoga roh mak ecah dcucuri rahmat
    takziah dari chemat,,,

  2. takziah ecah..
    kuatkan smngat kamo..
    smg roh dyer tnang dsana...
    doa slalu yerp...