Monday, November 29, 2010

Doctor of Heart!'s raining right now! RAINING.. just like my tears.. hrm.. i love when someone said this.. " I love walk in the rain coz no one knows im crying"! yup! its feel like he doesn't like to share his tears with anyone, but only share his happiness! hrm, sounds like he had a big problem right?and being lonely..

Yeah, sometimes others people dont like to share his tears with someone else.. they just want to keep it as their secret! and i think, for me, its was very HURT!! coz we cannot express our self! if like me, if i want to cry or somethin', i will become passive girl.. just standing there and watch people.. and don't talk too much! and thinking about all my probs.. even when my friends are laughing together, im just smile.. but,not like im used to be before! (usually im the most "mereng"!haha..) so,thats me! but,when i want to fight about sadness! i will try and push my self to do other work like listening to music and drawing cartoon! and dancing as much as i can! to make Im tired and let go of my Sadness!! YURA-YURA!!!

but, when happiness comes! i will becomes like a Crazy girl! haha! always smile to everyone that i meet! and say "hi" to them! haha.. and i will always laugh and laugh even just a simplest thing can make me smile until im tired of Smiling! haha! and i will singing as laud as i can..(but not infront of others..malu la weh!haha..) and lots of "weird" things i will do when this Happiness comes! hahaha! see?laugh again!

but now, im feeling unwell.. so, i have to go! want to meet doctor! ha?really? that's the most i hate! go to Clinic! wish i dont want to there again!! (means i want to be health forever! dont want get any unwell feeling include FLUE!!)

K,meet u again!
(tgh layan lagu SHInee, Juliette!)
* thanks Mr.Google for that cute pic! i love it so much!!(^,^)


  1. " i love walk in the rain because no one know im crying " yeahh...i love it....

  2. Yeah! im found it on my friends fb..(^_^)