Friday, July 13, 2012

When it's comes to Saturday~

Finally, Saturday! The one that i waited for holiday. But, for today, just staying at house. My grandma already said to me to tidy up the house while she's going out to hardware. Argh! but, it's would be exciting if i can tidy up this house alone. Because i can decorate it by my own self! weehuuu! so, let's start it from my own bedroom. Then, the kitchen! wanna make it like a Star. Shining brightly. Hehe. And then, decorate outside the house.

If i was a little child like the 1999. The first thing when i wake up at the Saturday is switch on the tv! Watching cartoon with my cousin! The best thing ever! or if my aunty free on that day, we will go for picnic at the beach! that's why i love nature so much! because they already taught me to love nature since i was small! so, please, i do don't like too much to go shopping rather than going out to the beach to watch His creation! Subhanallah! it's so beautiful! The most place that i always go is Teluk Cempedak! it's only take 1 hour and 15 minit from my house. Wanna see it? this is picture when i went there yesterday with my grandma and my friend, Lola. Haha. at first, i was the one who drive. At last, Lola was the big driver. I was staying with my camera beside her. Huhu.

here, Kuantan! 

If u want to take a river cruise. Just drop by here! :)

eagle! it's so easy to see eagle here! want to see they caught fish? just come here!

from river cruise. we can see beach there!

a lot of boat there. from Terengganu, Pahang & Kelantan.

Here, esplanade kuantan. 

here, Teluk cempedak!

can't swim when there's rain. 

K, if u want to see more, let's go to Kuantan! K, adios..

Assalamualaikum. :)