Saturday, January 22, 2011


Welcome.. welcome.. to the new new world!! ( lagu sistar.. push2!) hrm.. ngantuk gile bos.. thp ape pun ak x tau da tu.. ngantuk gile.. da la byk gile assignment.. adoi.. mmg mengantuk.. ape2 pun,ak akn cube manfaat mase dgn sebaiknye.. hihi.. iaitu,dengan tido kejap...


p:s : tgh2 taip pun ak bley tertido.. >,< tata sume.. tido dulu.. slm.. ^,^

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tolong!! Mood sy hilang!!!

Woo.. woo.. woo.. (T.T) sedeynyer!! ak ni mls sgt skang ni.. woo..woo..woo..!! mls sgt nk wat assignment!! tolong!! nape ak mls sgt??!! ak ad slh mkn ke?? UWAAA!! (keadaan menjadi bertmbh rumit!) mlsnyer!! ak betul2 xde mood nk wat keje!! HAISHH!! bile mood ak nk dtg ni??ak da nk gile thp guling2 atas lantai da ni!!

Doraemon!! Tolong la bg sy pinjam poket awk!! sy amat perlukannye skang!! tolong la doraemon!! bg sy alat yg membolehkn sume keje sy dpt siap ngan cepat!! dan ubat yg boleh menjadikan sy lebih bersemangat!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I love CAT!!


Salam.. want to share to you all something.. last night, after i've just go back from eating with my friends, we found one female cats.. it's pregnant! and was eating biscuit on the floor.. hrm, SO SAD!! that cat's eating very slowly.. feels like it was in a pain or sad.. i feel like want to cry at that time.. coz as a human being, it's make me to think about what's Allah give to us is more much better!! got to eat delicious food! hanging out with friends! but,still not feel Thankfull if there's only a little bit problem..

im so sad.. please take me! (T.T)

am i too scary??grrr..( if the real tiger,i also would be run! hehe..)

I love cats so much! even though, some of my friends don't like cat! coz they were afraid with cats.. maybe they think cats as a TIGER!! AUMM!! hehe.. but, u know what?? cat was very cute!! and can make me feel warm.. hrm.. when i was little, i always sleep with my cat.. hehe.. when i woke up in the morning, there's she sleeping beside me.. hehe.. so cute!! watching it's sleep with the FURRR sound.. hehe!! so warm!

owh.. im so sleepy!! gotta sleep friends! =p

me and my Teddy!! nyamannye dunia..hehe..

And i do read some of the articles, it's said that, playing with our pets, can make us feels better and also can relieve stress!! SEE?? animals is not harm us! but warm us! hehe.. so, got to love animal!! ^^ and i love cats! but,at my home, all my cats were died.. coz they have an illness.. i don't know why.. but,i feel so sad! and i buried them at the back of my house.. Now, in my house, there's one little cat, the white ones! hehe.. it's comin' to our house.. and we are almost WELCOME to her!! hehe.. and we named it, "debab!".. coz it's debab! hehe.. but, i don't have a picture to show to you.. coz it's come to my house when i want to go back to TM..

 am i cute?hehe..

urgh.. on these sunny days, it's would be great having an ice-cream! yummy!! ^^

So,to all the readers, don't hate cats.. they also have a feeling like us.. want to live a better life.. maybe they cannot give us what we want, but it's can give us warm and a very faithfull listener! So, im gonna shout, I LOVE CATS!! ^0^ salam..

welcome to the world of cats! meow!! ^^