Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Like A Pyramid! Ottoke??

T.O.P Big Bang! (one of big fan of BIG BANG had draw this! cute right?!)
hrmm...yeah! like a Pyramid right?this is a song by Charice..haha! this is the second song that i love after Billionaire by Travie Mccoy..hehe..u want to know why?because this song is miming by 2 cute litle kids! haha..the same kids that miming of "Billionaire"..hehe..LOVE IT!!!about Charice,i thought she was like Beyonce,but her face like a Asian..haha..great right?haha! hrmm..when i think about those couple of litle kids that miming this song,i felt a litle afraid coz since they were kids,they know how to speak in English! erk??(felt ashamed for my self coz my English is bad..)how can i teach a student when they speaking English to me?hrm..better I'll find solve for this problem from now..FIGHTING!!(^0^)

Last night, i have a class for presention of poster,so,my lecturer bring her son too..his name is Nafeez..whoa! he was so cute! and that's not the point that i want to tell to you..but i want to tell you that he can speak English very fluent! WHOA!! and he's only seven! a big difference age with me..and me?just know speak a litle bit..hrmm..(feel ashamed want to talk with him! but im tryin my best! just like im understand what he said!haha!) So,thats why my friend and i want to speak English when we meet..coz we can trained our tounge to speak fluently..hope so!! He said that,he will go to Hong Kong Disneyland after this..whoa..(second BOOM!! for my self! coz i doesnt had reached there!)wish i can go there too..with my own money! haha! FLYING TO SEOUL!!!hehe..want to meet 2pm oppa!!

Ottoke??hrm,gwenchannayo...just want to share a litle bit for those that read my Blog..(^,^) Please pray for my success for this final exam! so nervous!! ARGHH!! just tryin' be a coolest girl ever! (even it's not!haha!) k, Take Your Time! with Old Time White Coffee!(^^)


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