Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Melankolik Hati!

hrmm..why im being so cruel??!! i just..HUH!! dont know how to describe my feeling right now.. but i feel very sad with my self! how could i do that to her?? NO!! i dont know why im being cruel like this! PLEASE!! someone.. i need your advice! make me a responsible girl! i know that i was wrong to make her like that.. but,at least, she could say something.. dont just look like u dont know anything!

im try to act cool to you..being nice to you.. but YOU? if u cant take care about our feelings, why cant you take care about your heart! PLEASE.. if u want to do something,think first! then,DO! so emo right now.. i'll take care you as,just take care of your self.. dont make people worried about you.. Be a good girl,not as a girl that always do her own ways without take care of others people heart.. Thanks for all that u had done to me.. Now i know it and where I'm stand..

Like A Pyramid! Ottoke??

T.O.P Big Bang! (one of big fan of BIG BANG had draw this! cute right?!)
hrmm...yeah! like a Pyramid right?this is a song by Charice..haha! this is the second song that i love after Billionaire by Travie Mccoy..hehe..u want to know why?because this song is miming by 2 cute litle kids! haha..the same kids that miming of "Billionaire"..hehe..LOVE IT!!!about Charice,i thought she was like Beyonce,but her face like a Asian..haha..great right?haha! hrmm..when i think about those couple of litle kids that miming this song,i felt a litle afraid coz since they were kids,they know how to speak in English! erk??(felt ashamed for my self coz my English is bad..)how can i teach a student when they speaking English to me?hrm..better I'll find solve for this problem from now..FIGHTING!!(^0^)

Last night, i have a class for presention of poster,so,my lecturer bring her son too..his name is Nafeez..whoa! he was so cute! and that's not the point that i want to tell to you..but i want to tell you that he can speak English very fluent! WHOA!! and he's only seven! a big difference age with me..and me?just know speak a litle bit..hrmm..(feel ashamed want to talk with him! but im tryin my best! just like im understand what he said!haha!) So,thats why my friend and i want to speak English when we meet..coz we can trained our tounge to speak fluently..hope so!! He said that,he will go to Hong Kong Disneyland after this..whoa..(second BOOM!! for my self! coz i doesnt had reached there!)wish i can go there too..with my own money! haha! FLYING TO SEOUL!!!hehe..want to meet 2pm oppa!!

Ottoke??hrm,gwenchannayo...just want to share a litle bit for those that read my Blog..(^,^) Please pray for my success for this final exam! so nervous!! ARGHH!! just tryin' be a coolest girl ever! (even it's not!haha!) k, Take Your Time! with Old Time White Coffee!(^^)


Saturday, October 23, 2010

T.I.R.E.D! Erk??!! anybody there??(^,^)

hrmm..yeah..tired right?hrm,im tired much work has to finish..become like a zombie in this campus so tired right now! VERY TIRED! badan ak pun da skt2 da ni..lenguh sane,lenguh sini..otak pun da lenguh! (adoi,becoh2..oak ni x lasak langsung ye! ni baru permulaan je..xkn da nak pengsan kot..tunggu ending r baru pengsan..bru dramatik sket..)monolog jap..(^^)

semalam, balik je dari studio..kul 3 pagi..balik2 je,basuh kaki, terus pengsan!(tido) pergh!! mujur la da solat Isyak ngan nabil and kinah..Alhamdulillah..kalau x,ak rse mesti ak da terskip solat mcm subuh td..adoi..mmg x sedar pape..ak dgr2 da azan..bru nak bangun g solat..ingatkan azan subuh,rupenye da Zohor!!!ERK??what can i do,rice has become porridge..huhu..(ape la bi ak ni kn..main hentam je..)

walaupun ak da tido punye la lame,tp KEPENATAN tu masih ad..pening kepale..adoi..x usah nak kabo,im infront of my laptop..doing my,silap..doing fb..haha! release tension sat..tgk gambar2 anime..checking my mail, listening to Taylor Swift, eating..haha..and all that stuff i do it happily..hahaha!tanpa rasa bersalah..(sbb keje x siap lg kn..>,<)hihi..pastu,chat with my family..mirul,ayu and mokcu..Si Kenik tu tgh mandi rupenye(mirul,my cousin) sgt dye mandi..almaklumlah,da pandai berjalan..da pandai gurau2..haha..mesti riuh rendah kat umah kn?hrm..bestnye!and ayu lak,layan je si kenik tu,mmg x lepas tgn la..lepas je,mmg mcm Discovery Channel la..sume tempat dye discovery..mende yg x patut jumpe pun dye jumpe..

hrm..want to upload picture,but, im felt so room also like country yg bru pas berperang..sepah gile2! sape2 yg tengok konfem terkejut and kate "erk,ni bilik ke stor?" mmg sepah la..haha!(pemalas tul ak ni..)kalau lah ak ni nobita,mesti ak mintak tolong Doraemon bg alat kat ak..senang sket keje ak..haha! tp,nak wat camne, doraemon duk jauh sgt, kat Jepun tu..hrmm..

ha,haven't you heard Bosson's song?One in a Million? kn lagu tu.."u 1 in a Million, u once in a life time!" bestnye kalau pacar gue nyanyi camni kat gue,tp jgn la stkt nyanyi je..amalkanlah..haha! (berangan je ak ni..mne keje x siap..)orait2, dah! fuh, penat da..mengarut pun penat..kih3..ak nk g berkarya ni, nak lukis kartun sat..and finish my work..nampaknye,KETENSIONan akan dtg jap,ak kene persiapkan diri ak dgn weapon2 yg hebat! biar TENSION tu dapat ditewaskn..haha..10-0!!

Enjoying Linkin Park song..Breaking the habit! hopefully i can breaking the habit..only the bad habit..tata..Sayonara!(^,^)


Apple of Eyes,


Saturday, October 16, 2010

NOT Sleepy??

huhu..haha..hihi..this is the first time that im not sleepy at all! whoa.. i dont know why im not sleepy, but i guess maybe its because im at studio and wearing my spectacles..(^,^) hrm,doing my stained glass work! so tired! but,im still have to do it.. now,im rest.. hehe.. updated my blog! hihi.. my friend all here were sleeping while others was happy with their laptop..hrmm.. dont know what they're doing..but, some of them doing assignment..and some of them had flying to "Disney Land"! hehe..^^

hrmm..i was so lazy to do my work right now.. but,im still have to do it coz most all of them must be submit by tomorrow! OH NO!!!im so LAZY!!! hish!! now, im at studio..right now,5.38am in the morning..whoa..x lame lg subuh da..hrmm..pastu pagi ni blk kolej..hihi.. the first i want to do is,jump to my lovin bed!!hehe!! YEAH!!(^,^).. my lecturer already left this class..but, i respected him because he was so hardworking! willing to sleep at studio too!! MEMANG RESPECT R!!

hrm, nak kongsi sket..keje byk nak sebut keje 1 per 1.. mula2,keje poster! kene ubah background.. then,packeging.. x siap langsung lagi tu.. kene anto isnin ni gak! pastu, folio olahraga..ALAMAK!! lagi la..huhu.. n the most scarier!guess what! my drawing and proposal not finish yet! and it has to been show to my lecturer this Monday!! HURGHH!! abis la den...(@.@) lagi 1,lagi 1, kenegaraan..alamak!! isnin ni la ad presentation.. tu pun x siap and tak get ready langsung! PERGHH!! pengsan la ak camni..huhuhu..

k,la..i think i have to go now..da masuk solat subuh da ni..k,tata..see yaa!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

I want to be Billionaire! back! Salam.. just so bored here..everyday have to do the same thing..but,sometimes i was very enjoyed about it! love to hanging out with my friends! dancing and singing together..laughing together! whoa!! its the best thing in my life! haha.. hope this feelin' will last forever!

okeit, about my title,I WANT TO BE BILLIONAIRE! hehe.. i know everybody want to be billionaire right..? we can buy all the things that we like, and we can go to anywhere that we want! whoa!! BEST GILER!! actually, its was a Travie Mccoy..i fell in love with this song when i saw and heard a couple of kids miming for this song.. hehe.. lawak gile..but its was my favourite right now!!(^_^)

if i'll be billionaire, i want go to all over the world! and buy all things that i like! and i will make my country the best country in the world! hehe.. and if u be billionaire, whats the 1st thing you do when you be billionaire??hehe..theres must be a lot things to do right?same goes to me...(^_^)

and the second song that become my favourite right now is "Our Song" by Taylor Swift..hehe.. i love this song coz i felt that this song is related to me..when the lyrics said "and you talk real slow,coz its late and your mama dont know!" hehe.. i fell in love with this part! love Taylor!!(^,^)

hrmm,now im enjoying my favourite song! but, i also love k-pop! the most best k-pop band is 2pm! haha! and BIG BANG! haha..SHInee also awesome! especially in the Ring Ding Dong and Juliette..Lucifer is like techtonic..

k la,i have to go now..want to solat..see ya again! DAA!!(^_^) Salam..