Sunday, July 15, 2012


The most part that i hated is, when everyone is talking about u. But, they didn't know the truth! Arghh! Try to walk in my shoes, then maybe u will react the same way. Don't just judge someone by their appearance and by the blowing wind. Did u know, most of our word actually is DOA? that's why we must be careful with our word. I'm telling this as my reminder to my self. Because i'm also a human. And still.. not perfect.

And that's why also, we have to be strong in this life! strong enough so that we can just ignore the "trash word". Ignore here doesn't mean we didn't ignore them. But, we ignore all the "trash word" and just walking forward! To be success, the word "ignore" is one of the jutsu in my vocab! What u feel when someone just ignore u? that's the power of ignorance! but, i'm not asking to ignore the people. We just have to make some trash for that "trash word". Throwing it at the right place. And take the "gold word" in the pocket. Got it?

But, sometimes the "trash word" would be useful! Believe it? it's like can be recycle. It can be as our "goblet of spirit" when we burn it! Run with the goblet of fire like a hero! hehe.. So, gonna make it as our inspiration to make us move foward fastly like a light! change the word "obstacle" to "springboard" to make us fly more higher! weehuu~!! LET'S GO!!

jutsu of ignorance!

the real world! for the "trash word".

change the obstacles to the spring board!

wuu.. the "trash word" had been burned. and it's turns out a "POWER". enough to make us to move foward fastly!

Ignore.. ignore.. ignore.. 

*pic from google.