Thursday, March 8, 2012


Today is friday~

What i'm gonna say is, i'm gratefull today coz i've got all of these from Him. Thank you Allah.. My family, my friends, and all my things are from Him. And the most important things, i'm still alive until today. Thanks to give me a life that were so precious. I'm really-really appreciate it. To be in this world were just temporary. Akhirat is the one that we look for. So, all the things that we do in this world is a ticket for us to be happy or else in Akhirat. If we did good, the we will receive a good result in Akhirat. If u ask anyone, all the people will said, they want go to heaven. Same goes to me. But, did we do all the things that we should do to go to heaven? or we still against Him?

Let's us take a second to think about it..

( in front of my house)

Assalamualaikum.. (^_^)~

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