Monday, November 29, 2010

Snowing Heart!

Yeah! im very missed my Precious time! when i was 7! yup! i always heard Spice Girls song! Wannabe! SO COOL!! when i heard that song, i feel energetic! hehe! and not only that, i've got Mama too! yeah! so cool beb!! hrm.. today i've checked up my fb.. and i saw one of my friend wrote on her wall.."its snowing right now!" wah! BESTNYER!! i've never felt to have a snowing! just rain only.. keh3! hrm,really want to go oversea like a Korea or Japan! yeah! want to experience my self with their surrounding! So,from now i kept save my money! haha.. that's one of my dream! also want to go to Disney Land! Tokyo or Paris! hrm.. (start dreaming right now..hehe!) its not be one of criminal if we just dreaming,coz everything we do must start with dreaming right??YEAHH!!! i REALLY want to go there!!

Opps,almost forget! this week i have an exam! so,gotta go! want to study! That's all.. daa..SARANGHAEYO!!