Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awak Comel!!

Hoho.. not so much work left for today.. i guess so.. ( actually, its so much!  hoho! ^^ ) and i'm just felt like i'm a little bit lazy these days.. don't know why.. maybe because of doing the same thing all the time.. wake up in the morning, take a bath, breakfast with "cekodok", tidy up my bed and left to Hardware to help my grandpa.. then, at the 7 or something, i'm back to home.. at night, just stay up in my rooms, playing with my self until feel asleep.. hoho! kecian kn? but, only sometimes, im watching tv coz usually im tired.. but, not today, coz im online right now.. hehe!

And right now, im still thinking about something.. i'm really want it.. i had think about it from the last year.. and i kept thinking about it, until i'm dreaming about it! guess what?? it's Lollipop! hoho!! not that candy, but, it's a model of handphone from LG's.. huhu.. i love it so much!! can someone give it to me? hoho! although it's not too update like I-phone and Blackberry.. but, did i care? haha.. as long as its cute, then, i will fall in love with it! haha!! So, i think that, i want to buy it, if i've got the salary next month! hoho! forgot to say, now im helping my grandpa, so, of course i've got the salary too.. hehe.. but not to much like the others get! but, it's still worth right? as long as i've got something than nothing! hoho!
hoho.. this is the one that i want!!^^

it's come in a cute colour!

look! it's simple and cute! ^^

and guess what?? the wallpaper and interface also cute! that's the most i want!^^

hehe.. and that's BIG BANG!! holding for Lollipop! yeah!^^

BIG BANG and 2NE1.. so, i must got it!!

Hrm, so for tonight, im feel like a little upset! huh! coz u know why? my little sister, Ana.. she just leave me the fried rice just a little! ceh! ( kite lapar jugak laaa!! ) and then, she just say smile to me and said, " u can just diet! hehe.." while smiling!! arghhh!! then, i feel like, " oh, takpe.. kite goreng telur jela.. mkn ngan nasi, ok gak! ".. then, something shocking me again!! where's the egg??!! arghhh!! telur pon da habis.. ceh.. terpakse la mkn ngan timun je.. haha! ^,^ Now, if there's something i need to do, then i will ragging her.. " ana, tolong on kn kipas, awk kn da byk tenaga sbb makan nasi byk! hehe.." jahat kn? hehe.. well, u know me.. im the evil.. haha.. but, still kind.. ceh! angkat bakul sendiri.. hoho!!

but, that's not the problem.. i'm still have maggi and bread.. hehe.. so, i can make some delicious dinner for my self.. hehe.. and for my sister, u still full right? so, just watch the tv and dont come near me and my pretty delicious dinner! with a candle light! hahaha.. ( over! ) 

Sekian, sesi bubling.. hehe.. (^,^)

*thanks for that pic!

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