Friday, July 22, 2011



Hrm.. don't know why? i'm feel something uneasy right now.. maybe because i think about it.. but, it's really makes me frustrated.. someone is already promise to me, but, he broke his promise! huwwaaa!! i'm feel so sad.. feels like want to jump to the drain! ( drain only.. not the building.. hehe..) He already make a word to me, that he will take care of his gf.. but, seems like.. hrm.. eventhough it's not happen to me, but, i'm feel it.. i'm feel like i want to cry.. eventhough, "why should i cry? when it's not me?" but, the women hearts so smooth & fluffy.. so, that's why maybe i'm also feel the same way.. and last night, i'm dream about it.. i dream about him with the new girl.. but, not his gf.. what??! feels like i want to shout at him "why u do like this to her??! how could u??" i'm sure that the new girl didn't know about that guy already had a girlfriend.. coz, in my dream, she look like a nice girls.. not like me, the "mereng" one.. so, it's impossible for her to snacth away others bf.. right? hrmm.. eventhough, it's only in my dream, but, im feel like i watch in HD.. hoho.. huarghh! what a nightmare! hrm.. ( or is it will be reality? i'm also don't know.. )

L, this case is really complicated than a murderer.. coz it's kills inside! (0.0!)

I'm really hope that it's not true.. why mens always change their heart so easily? or is it the women fault? hrm.. i'm also don't know.. but i hope it would be happy ending.. not the tragic one! isk3.. so sad.. u all must think that i'm a weird girl right? coz i'm worried about others bussiness.. hrm, okay, i'm a weird person but still normal.. and still have a feeling.. in my surrounding, i'm just watching the others works.. looking and think, what will be in the future.. and also think about my life when i think about others life.. so, that's why i'm not talking to much and just hear the other people talk.. sometimes, if i know some truth, then, i'm just watching how they will handle it when they meet the others people.. even, at the back.. they are totally different! what a world?! hrm..

Is it my fault? to make u didn't love me anymore? hrmm~

Hope the sunshine always shining eventhough it's shine doesn't even reach my heart..

Peace! always happy! take the problems as a challenge to your self!^^

Hrm, all i can do, i'm just pray for them the best.. coz i didn't have a right to talk about it.. coz "who am i to them?" right? but, just one i want to tell about it.. if we love someone, just stick with one.. don't need to try to play love with others.. coz maybe someday, it's not impossible that's someone that we truly love, will do like that to us.. think positive and think what's we gonna be through at the future.. all that we do, we will get the rewards and punishment.. maybe in this life or the after.. i'm saying this as my reminder to my self.. coz i'm also not the good person.. but, i will try.. coz love is the gift from our creature.. So, appreciate it.. Daa~ Salam..

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  1. meletop2 kak ain bacer,,ngat minah salleh..knp niyh..dnt be sad hunney...thats why..i really2 care my love..:) erkk...