Thursday, July 19, 2012

Salam Ramadhan to all My friends!

Ramadhan is coming! and for tonight is the first night of Tarawih! weehuu~ I'm so excited! and did you know that, i'm happy too coz i'm 90% finished paint the kitchen! with the green and peach colour! so cool! feels like want to cooking! haha..

And for all my friends, i'm sure they were happy too! because in Ramadhan, all the wise things we do, we will get double pahala! wah! So, here, i'm asking for your forgiveness if i've done wrong to you! and if u reading this, i'm begging for your forgiveness if i've make mistakes to you before this. And for sure, i will love all my friends! because Islam taught us to love each other.

So, here again! Salam Ramadhan and happy fasting! Hope this Ramadhan will bring a lot of Barakah to us. InsyaAllah. :)



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