Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Melankolik Hati!

hrmm..why im being so cruel??!! i just..HUH!! dont know how to describe my feeling right now.. but i feel very sad with my self! how could i do that to her?? NO!! i dont know why im being cruel like this! PLEASE!! someone.. i need your advice! make me a responsible girl! i know that i was wrong to make her like that.. but,at least, she could say something.. dont just look like u dont know anything!

im try to act cool to you..being nice to you.. but YOU? if u cant take care about our feelings, why cant you take care about your heart! PLEASE.. if u want to do something,think first! then,DO! so emo right now.. i'll take care you as,just take care of your self.. dont make people worried about you.. Be a good girl,not as a girl that always do her own ways without take care of others people heart.. Thanks for all that u had done to me.. Now i know it and where I'm stand..

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