Saturday, October 16, 2010

NOT Sleepy??

huhu..haha..hihi..this is the first time that im not sleepy at all! whoa.. i dont know why im not sleepy, but i guess maybe its because im at studio and wearing my spectacles..(^,^) hrm,doing my stained glass work! so tired! but,im still have to do it.. now,im rest.. hehe.. updated my blog! hihi.. my friend all here were sleeping while others was happy with their laptop..hrmm.. dont know what they're doing..but, some of them doing assignment..and some of them had flying to "Disney Land"! hehe..^^

hrmm..i was so lazy to do my work right now.. but,im still have to do it coz most all of them must be submit by tomorrow! OH NO!!!im so LAZY!!! hish!! now, im at studio..right now,5.38am in the morning..whoa..x lame lg subuh da..hrmm..pastu pagi ni blk kolej..hihi.. the first i want to do is,jump to my lovin bed!!hehe!! YEAH!!(^,^).. my lecturer already left this class..but, i respected him because he was so hardworking! willing to sleep at studio too!! MEMANG RESPECT R!!

hrm, nak kongsi sket..keje byk nak sebut keje 1 per 1.. mula2,keje poster! kene ubah background.. then,packeging.. x siap langsung lagi tu.. kene anto isnin ni gak! pastu, folio olahraga..ALAMAK!! lagi la..huhu.. n the most scarier!guess what! my drawing and proposal not finish yet! and it has to been show to my lecturer this Monday!! HURGHH!! abis la den...(@.@) lagi 1,lagi 1, kenegaraan..alamak!! isnin ni la ad presentation.. tu pun x siap and tak get ready langsung! PERGHH!! pengsan la ak camni..huhuhu..

k,la..i think i have to go now..da masuk solat subuh da ni..k,tata..see yaa!!

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