Friday, October 15, 2010

I want to be Billionaire! back! Salam.. just so bored here..everyday have to do the same thing..but,sometimes i was very enjoyed about it! love to hanging out with my friends! dancing and singing together..laughing together! whoa!! its the best thing in my life! haha.. hope this feelin' will last forever!

okeit, about my title,I WANT TO BE BILLIONAIRE! hehe.. i know everybody want to be billionaire right..? we can buy all the things that we like, and we can go to anywhere that we want! whoa!! BEST GILER!! actually, its was a Travie Mccoy..i fell in love with this song when i saw and heard a couple of kids miming for this song.. hehe.. lawak gile..but its was my favourite right now!!(^_^)

if i'll be billionaire, i want go to all over the world! and buy all things that i like! and i will make my country the best country in the world! hehe.. and if u be billionaire, whats the 1st thing you do when you be billionaire??hehe..theres must be a lot things to do right?same goes to me...(^_^)

and the second song that become my favourite right now is "Our Song" by Taylor Swift..hehe.. i love this song coz i felt that this song is related to me..when the lyrics said "and you talk real slow,coz its late and your mama dont know!" hehe.. i fell in love with this part! love Taylor!!(^,^)

hrmm,now im enjoying my favourite song! but, i also love k-pop! the most best k-pop band is 2pm! haha! and BIG BANG! haha..SHInee also awesome! especially in the Ring Ding Dong and Juliette..Lucifer is like techtonic..

k la,i have to go now..want to solat..see ya again! DAA!!(^_^) Salam..

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